Corporate Advisory Services

At a time, when India is throwing up investment avenues in new sectors and projects, there is a critical need to provide specialised advisory services to the Indian Corporate Sector in their efforts towards Industrial Advancement. IFCI with its team of seasoned professionals and rich experience of over six decades in the financial sector is uniquely positioned to fulfil this need. As a catalyst of Industrial growth, IFCI provides the following services :

  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Infrastructure Advisory Services
  • Monitoring of Public Issues

Corporate Advisory Services


IFCI Corporate Advisory Group offers a host of consultancy services which entails providing complete financial solutions to diversified business entities. The services offered are given as under :

Project Consulting :

  • Investment Appraisal of Navratna/Maharatna (Most Valued Public Sector) Companies.
  • Project Conceptualization and Related Services, including Guidance in relation to Selection of Projects, Preparation of Feasibility Studies, DPR, Capital Structuring, Techno-Economic Feasibility, Financial Engineering, Project Management Design etc.
  • Documentation of various project documents.
  • Syndication of debt on competitive terms.
  • Syndication of equity.
  • Arranging private equity.

Mergers and Acquisition :

  • Buy/Sell Advisory
  • Identification of Potential Projects
  • Business Valuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Assisting in Negotiation Process
  • Financial Structuring
  • Drafting and Execution of Transaction Documents
  • Deal Financing
  • Sell-Side Advisory including valuation, negations with potential client's evaluation of Bids etc.

Disinvestment/ Bid Process Management :

  • Preparation of PIM and CIM, RFP and RFQ.
  • Advertisement for inviting bids, Structuring of Bid Evaluation Criteria.
  • Conducting Pre-bid meetings, Designing and execution of Non Disclosure Agreements, Technical and Financial Evaluation of Bids.
  • Fixation of Reserve Price/upset price, Selection of successful bidders and Execution of MoUs and Agreement.

Joint Venture/PPP Advisory :

  • Formulation of vision/strategy and preparation of Business Plan.
  • Partner Evaluation, Selection, Detailed Structure of Joint Venture and Due Dilligence.
  • Negotiation and Legal Documentation.
  • Business Integration, Planning and Implementation, Managing and Monitoring of the documentation, transaction and transition process.

Corporate Restructuring :

  • Financial & Legal Due-diligence.
  • Optimisation of Capital Structure & Asset Portfolio, Market Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • Operational Restructuring, Preparation of Business plan.
  • Funding Strategy, Preparation of relevant Agreements/ Legal Documents.

Bidding Advisory :

  • Consultancy to clients bidding for Power Projects, Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPP), Gas Pipeline, City Gas Distribution (CGD) etc.

Infrastructure Advisory Services


IFCI offers a range of services to the Infrastructure Sector, with specific emphasis on roads, ports, power and urban infrastructure. Total solutions catering to the specific needs of clients, starting from the stage of investment identification to financial closure are provided.

The services provided in the Infrastructure Sector include :

  • Facilitation of Credit Documentation.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Agreements & Document Review/Advice.
  • Pre-Investment Review.
  • Project Conceptualization and Feasibility Studies.
  • Risk Allocation, Assessment & Reasonableness of Cost.
  • Advise on Financing Options – Sources, Cost & Risk.
  • Financial Analysis & Modeling – Scenario Analysis.
  • Potential JV/Partner Profiling.
  • Negotiating Support for Equity Buy In.
  • Project Evaluation.
  • Credit Syndication – Domestic & Overseas.
  • Arranging Deferred Payment Guarantee, ECB.
  • Placement of debt & equity.
  • Capital Market Advisory Services.

Monitoring of Public Issues


As per the SEBI (Disclosure & Investor Protection) Guidelines, 2000, in case of issues exceeding Rs.500 crore, the issuer shall make arrangements for the use of proceeds of the issue to be monitored by one of the financial institutions.

IFCI offers its services as Monitoring Agency for the same :

  • Carrying out of Post-Issue due diligence;
  • Ascertaining whether the utilization of issue funds has been made for the purposes and in a manner as envisaged by the Offer Document;
  • Preparation of Monitoring Report as per the format specified at Schedule - XIX of the above guidelines;
  • Submission of the report to the SEBI on a half-yearly basis, till the completion of project, for the purposes of record.