Financial Products

IFCI offers a wide range of products to the target customer segments to satisfy their specific financial needs. The product mix offering varies from one business/industry segment to another. IFCI customizes the product-mix to maximize customer satisfaction. It's domain knowledge and innovativeness make the product-mix a key differentiator for building, enduring and sustaining relationship with the borrowers.

Debt Segment


IFCI structures its Debt products based on the specific requirements of the corporate. Some of our products are :

  • Short-term Loans for different short term requirements including pre-operative project expenses, meeting temporary cash flow mismatch, general corporate purposes, requirement of holding/ investment companies of good corporate for their investment requirements including subscription to right issue, purchase of warrants etc., funding working capital gap pending sanction by banks, refinancing high cost debt, meeting cost overrun in projects etc.
  • Medium Term Loans for Project Finance for new industrial/ infrastructure projects, business expansion, technology up-gradation, modernization projects, R&D expenditure, general corporate requirements, supplementing long term working capital requirements, acquisition financing, securitization of debt, structured products, etc.
  • Long Term Loans (more than 8 years) in Infrastructure Projects/ new Manufacturing Industries. IFCI shall also provide term loans in other sectors on selective basis based on strong ratings for Long Term facilities to reputed corporates. IFCI also provide Project Loans to meet the fund requirements of Greenfield projects, expansions/ modernization projects etc. across all industry.
  • IFCI has also introduced products like Loans against future Lease Rentals, Loan against shares for top rated corporates etc.

Equity Segment

  • Investment in IPO, Right issue, Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP), Warrants etc as well as in the secondary markets for listed companies.
  • Strategic investment in unlisted companies.
  • Trading in the secondary market including equity derivatives.