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Last Updated on: 26-Nov-21



It has come to our notice that certain Firms/Entities like Lotus Securities are issuing individual communications to the registered bondholders of IFCI Long Term Infrastructure Bonds issued by IFCI having its registered office at IFCI Tower, 61 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019 stating that the said bonds would be redeemed by these Firms/entities.

IFCI hereby cautions the General public that IFCI has not authorised or appointed anyone to act on its behalf for the redemption. The bondholders are advised to exercise utmost care and diligence in dealing with such Firms/Entities to avoid any kind of loss by dealing with these third parties not authorised by IFCI.

Please note that, in case, any bondholder relies upon any such representation/statements made by the Firms/Entities, IFCI shall not be responsible for any such encashment decision of the bondholder through these Firms/Entities.

Each bondholder is advised to make an independent evaluation or assessment of the transaction undertaken by them. In case any assistance is required, the bondholders may contact IFCI at following Tel: +91-11-41792800, 41732000 (Extn. No. 2475/2457 & 2420).